Ford COVID-19 Announcement

Electric Vehicles will be coming to our dealership!

June Gibbons from Stevens Motors attended the recent EV World conference in Auckland in September.

There was a great turn-out with a range of speakers from the auto industry, electricity industry and government. It’s certainly an exciting time to be in the auto industry.

Ford are releasing their first hybrid Mondeo into the NZ market in November. Pricing for the 4 Door Sedan will be $55,990 RRP.

This hybrid Mondeo will provide all the executive styling that you expect from a Mondeo but with a 2.0 litre / 35 kW hybrid engine with a fuel economy rating of 2.7 l/100km (the standard Mondeo 2.0 litre petrol Ecoboost is 8.2-8.5 l/100km).

Internationally Ford have a range of hybrid, plug-in and pure EV vehicles, including an EV Focus and an EV delivery truck built on the Transit platform.

Ford are now developing a new range of electric vehicles expected to be released in the near future including a SUV up to 500km range.

Ford NZ have indicated they are working on a programme to launch EV product into the NZ market. Watch this space!

Electric cars come in various types for diffrent scenarios. Check out this cool infographic for more info on electric cars.

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